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President Obama's Healthcare For All Plan

On 12th september 2009,American president Barrack Obama spoke about and introduced the new Healthcare plan for all the American citizens which guarantees health insurance for all the Americans.

The Master plan

1.For the people

President Obama and Joe Biden devised this well thought out plan to lower down the price of medical expenses spent by an average American.The plan basically is based on the concept of allotting every person a doctor of his choice for the terms covering under the medical policy.The people who are already having the insurance and are ready to carry on with that,no new terms will be added except the costs of the policy will be as low as 2500$ per annum per member of the family.For those citizens who are not insured will be provided a policy from the wide range of alternatives and as they wish to have.By this way,the Healthcare plan is made very affordable and easily accessible to all the Americans.
Proper checking of services provided throughout America by the government and ensuring full utilisation of resources and introducing new health reforms.

2. Well thought out plan for the businesses and insurance companies

Joe Biden is thinking of investing the amount of $10 billion for the new standardised Electronic Health record systems over the next 5 years.The privacy of each patient will be protected by use of special IT systems throughout the country. A scientific survey suggested that by employing such data base in every hospitals and healthcare units,an astonishing amount of around $77 billion would be saved throughout the country every year and ensure proper utilisation of available resources.

3.The costs cutting by appropriate actions against the profit making Insurance and Drug companies.

The number of profit making insurance companies have increased and cost of insurance increased manifold.The government is hence looking to have a check on these companies and stop the monopoly activities of these companies to prevent the shoot up of insurance prices.Also certain guidelines are devised for the import of of good quality drugs for better treatment and health care of citizens.New drug manufacturing units will also be introduced and to insure drug prices in the market does not get shoot up.
The plan has also decide to reduce the costs of catastrophic illness for the company workers and their employees which accounts for a huge amount(about 49%)of total expenditure on healthcare.this will make the insurance more affordable to the companies and their co workers.

Positives out of these plan

1.About quarter of overall expenditure on healthcare till now was spent on maintaining the records on paper and flawed storage systems,which unnecessarily increased the costs.By this plan the old system is abolished and a centralised Electronic storage system with efficient technology is to be introduced which would effectively reduce the costs.

2.About 100000 people in America died every year just because of less efficient medical systems and errors.This will be reduced drastically by this new reform by ensuring proper utilisation of resources and availability of quality healthcare to all the citizens.

3.The new plan provides flexibility in selection of health insurance.Also the existing Health plans will be having costs reduced by $2500 per member of a family per year.

4.The people are now free to select any job without altering their health plan.

5.The hospitals and new and old companies taking part in this huge health reform will store the records and medical data of each patient that would make the whole process efficient and ensures high standards of treatment.

6.The healthcare plan for children is now compulsory and would cover them upto 25 years of age.

7.The number of families not falling in the scheme of new plan due to financial problem will enjoy the benefit of new Small business and tax credit with upto 50% tax return on the premium.

Benefiters from the plan.

1.As the plan is for the people,Maximum benefit is going to with the citizens.Good health conditions will prevail.

2.The small drug industries which were dumped by the monopolists of drug markets will have new existence in the newly devised plan.

3.The business firms are also enjoying the new low costs insurance cover for their firm and co-employees.

4.The new plan ensures proper care for the children and will good new generation for the future of America.

Sectors hurt by the new plan.

1.The monopolists in the insurance sector and drug manufacturing are most hurted as their activities will be closely followed by the government.Also the costs of premium has reduced considerably that will render reduced profit to these highly profitable sectors.

2.The medical units and hospitals charging more are now also affected by this plan.Plus they have to be careful to maintain electronic database and render high standard treatment.

3.The people who are not fit into this new scheme and people are not able to have the medical health care plan would still have to wait for introduction of health care tax credit systems to be implemented.

Why the plan is better

According to the points mentioned i the plan,The plan looks far more superior to those implemented in the most of European countries and also as compared to Canada.The centralisation and storage of electronic database makes it look far more better.Also with the number of cost cutting methods and estimated amount of reduced expenditure makes it best as compared to any other country.

To conclude,the plan is still well devised and would ensure proper health care for most sections of the society.