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They say that the more you post the better it is for your blog to the traffic.the frequency of post is something that is still the argument of the hour but let me tell you that its not easy for anyone to post 10 blogs a day.

Posting 3-5 blogs a day is also not a joke particularly if you want to publish new content and each one should of good quality.The ideas and mind both should be fresh so that good content comes out as result.But these things are very rarely possible with strenuous life cycle of all of us.

So particularly if you want that your blog posts are coming at least once in a day or say once in a 3- day period(this is a must for a new blogger),try not to get burned out with too many posts in a short span and then nothing left really to publish.Particularly if you have posted 5-7 blogs in a period of 1- week then try doing some reviews or some back links to your blogger friends and let the theme of your posts continue for a longer duration to get traffic for a longer time.