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It difficult to get this thing out of my mind."I want traffic badly!". But can you think out of box and try to find out new ways to have more visitors to your blog.Its 2011 now and people have to think out different ways to outsmart others to get the visitors to their blog.This post aims at discussing 5 critical points which can help you in this regard.

1.Use search engine potential to the fullest
A long time myth that is repeated on every blog that search engine traffic is what that matters more to every blogger.Getting his pages indexed on the first page of search engines is what that makes any blogger happy.One should try to utilise the search engine's potential to the fullest to have quality traffic to your blog.It is possible by having four things that is content, correct keywords,links and code.By having these things in proper place,one can achieve great results that others cannot.

2.Keep your eyes wide open
You have to be constantly aware of what is the hot topic in the blogging world and should not hesitate to join in the conversation and also include that in your blog.Sometimes people feel that the content is on every one's blog and hence they might not get the traffic through this content and neglect.but this is not the thing to be done and keep yourself at it.You can in fact generate some interlinks from that same topic.

3.Create some immediate buzz
Using social networking potential like twitter, facebook,delicious,digg and reditt you can have good people coming instantly to your blog.If your post is something that is not there on others site then you can receive immediate jump in visitors to you site.However this maybe short term but is important to decrease your alexa ranking.

4.Try linking
Including links in your post referring to other sites who have the similar content shows off the link love and your willingness to share for no return.That makes others to also return the favour automatically.It is a long term process and requires some patience but is sure to work.

5.Keep posting
Be regular and keep posting on your blog.Having more pages indexed with different topics and keywords are sure to land up your blog to the top on search engine results.

Views expressed here are mine and I do not hesitate in saying that above mentioned techniques may also backfire for some.But one who dares to achieve the results is the ultimate winner.