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When you write down a post its essential that you have the most appropriate content.Not only this the appropriate keyword is required for proper indexing of the page in the search engines.But still sometimes you find out that your page is not there in the top search results after so much efforts and choosing appropriate keywords.

One thing you have to understand that mere just writing a god quality post with appropriate keywords not going to help you out in any way.You are not not writing the stuff on your blog for robots.Before any page gets recognized by google(or any other search engine) as the most appropriate page for the search query,the page should have some linking to other sites and some interlinking posts on that same is required.Not only this some comments is also much appreciated.

So even though you are a new blogger and want to get your page on the top of search engine query result page then following the above things are the prerequisite.Also participating in other similar posts discussion and if possible getting a link from that post to your post is what important for your post to rise up the ranking.Try having people to your blog and comment because that is what that is going to help you.So invest sometime (from 20 minute to 1 hour of your time) on commenting on other blogs and participating in discussions on the forums to get more people commenting on your blog. This will increase your google page rank and thus your page will be displayed in the top page of search query.

We are always thinking of ourselves to get ahead of the others existing in the world and hence it is not bad at all to devote some time and energy to help your blog reach the top.Keep at at this new year and I am sure that many will become successful this year.