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Its sometimes a great downer for anyone who writes his post for others and has no one to read and comment on.But all great things start from the scratch and all good blogs were having little to none in followers and readers when they started as we are now.But one's effort never goes in vain and it is just a matter of time before your hard work pays off and you do get readers coming to your blog.

The best thing that any beginner can do is to find out the best blogs which are having similar content or are in the same niche.Try following and commenting on their blog posts to have their attention on your side.This is certainly obtained after you comment on their blogs regularly.Also you need to join some forums where you can find the same kind of people over there and participate actively in the discussion.This does mean that you have be very precise and honest in commenting so that you are adding some value to your blog and not just spamming to get readers commenting on your blog.

To keep readers come back to your blog again and again you have to keep providing them something interesting and fresh almost every time.You find that so many well developed and popular blogs are in the same category but still enjoy fair share of readers.Thus being able to serve something interesting and relatively fresh content regularly is something that helps you to have a long term readership from people that re already following your blog along with the new ones.

It is sometimes interesting to find out that your blog has low readership or it is because of what you post on your blog.People sometimes get confused on what to write on their blog when they initially start.Most of the blogs on which personal views are expressed do not get much appreciation as not everyone has the ability to bind people up with their words,the mesmerising expressions and suitable use of sentences and figure of speech.

We always want to write something that comes naturally from the heart and also that creates a bit of enjoyment for your own self.When things are written for the right reasons and in the good frame of mind, the content is always appreciated by many.If an article or the blog is for sole purpose of money making then people do realise it who visit your blog and you do not get the popularity that you expect yourself to achieve in a certain amount of time.

So try to be full of positive and never say die attitude when you turn to blogging and share goodwill and set up a good example of human nature from your blogging style.This is the best way to develop and nurture your blog as I see it.