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Although this post might seem irrelevant to my blog for some time as I am trying out dew things to get the blog in a better shape,If you have the posts arranged categorically correct on your site then you can have a variety of readers reading your particular section though one page only.This requires some initial planning but once you are ready then the blog seems excellent to you itself in the first place.Following are some ideas on how to get the tricks right for your blog.

1.Interlink to the earlier posts
This is an excellent way to help readers reach out to the other posts which you think can supplement readers on the entire topic which they are interested in.In a way this also helps in search engine optimization for your blog (particularly for that post).

2.Rookie area
If you have a particular section for the beginners in the blogging world,then it may add that little x-factor to your blog with targeted visitors approaching your blog.I am looking forward in getting this section of blog archive ready on my blog ready in near future.

3.Posting regularly on blogging basics
It is always important to revert back to basic stuff once in a while to get new readers on your blog plus keep your regular readers also interested.

4.Long term readership
Try having some guest post about basic blogging tips if you think you have had enough of those stuff by yourself.By this way you are developing long term readership as well as loyal friends for your site's future.

5.Advanced section
If you think that there is something special that is required to be conveyed for readers who are in the blogging for some time now then try having a section for advanced steps in blogging for them to make go to that one step ahead.

Ideas mentioned above are possible through constant research about various topics, good amount of content on your blog archive and seriously good writing style.Its also a fact that you cannot keep everyone happy.So do not try and keep everyone happy and interested who comes to your blog because believe me you cannot.Try improving you blog each day with something to add to your blog every once in a while.