How far have you come after starting your blog

See its always better that you have a good tracking ability for yourself so that at the end of the weekend you realise how much you aimed for and how much have you achieved for yourself.Its always good to keep out negatives as you initially have to face a lot when you start your have to go through a lot of research and have to do a lot to promote your blog and get your readers.It s a damn tough job.Even the big fish bloggers have to keep experimenting to find new ways to get readers and get their blog going and shaping up nicely.

Now what I really wanted to discuss here is that how far have we come after starting our blog. have we really achieved something that we thought before starting to write a blog or we are just trudging along and waiting for something to happen.Is it that you have lost the flavour and zing to create something new.All these are a part of the blogging for everyone.

The important thing to Ask ourselves is that have we learned something new that we can do in a different manner than others.This can be about blog writing style, presentation,leaving comments,increasing readers to your blog or something else that even I don't know of or it can also be that you should now quit after wasting so much of your time and also if you feel that way.

Anyways I want all of you to just help me and others out by leaving some interesting comments and suggestions so that i and the other readers of this post can benefit.Waiting for you response and looking forward to good quality comments and solutions and new ideas.Cheers!