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How to have a landing page for your website

Although I am an engineering student ,I had the blogging habit from the start of my school days but of course used to do it in my personal diary.All the days events used to come in a concise form.But now its easier for the people to share their experiences to others through blogging.Let me tell two things that are really important for any blog to be successful-----

1. Brilliant writing style so that people enjoy what you have written.We all share experiences and everything is from the heart but still it is highly important that we should focus on our writing skills and grammar.The way we present ourselves to the other readers is what matters and let me tell you that not all are really good at this.You can write several lines of scrap in your blog which if some read and get annoyed then might not return to your blog even if you have improved later on.I am the present example of that .the readership is out now and I have to build my readership once again.but I am sure that I will gain it once again.This is all about the writing skills.

2.Lets concentrate more on this one as this one is also really crucial.This is with reference to your blog or website design,layout and the landing page of your site.I would like to say this at the start that this things are very important but this might still not give you immediate results you are looking for as it requires some patience and some experimentation from your side so that end up giving a nice and fresh look to what you call is your website.I f you do not have any specific liking about any colour then try to keep the background as white as possible as it creates a sense of eye catching and promotes the surrounding elements in the blog as well as your posts very well to your readers.Another thing to understand is that it does not necessarily mean that you cannot have a different background.You can have something in light as background like green or blue but never anything else other than this.Or else this creates a irritation in the minds of readers.

All these things are made to you public by me after a lot of research and I myself have gone through all these troubles and want to suggest that others don't make the same mistakes that I have done.Improve yourself and be a better blogger.