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Its been a question with many new bloggers that how to get more unique visitors from around the globe and how to get more page views per unique visitor.It has been the problem with me also till now as I found the secret to get more unique visitors and more page views problem is lastly solved.Here I am disclosing my secret experience .

The best way to get more page views + unique visitors is the famous profile on any Social networking site. I can briefly describe this with my own blog story.

I have been getting around 50-70 unique visitors to my blog everyday till the month of july,When my friend suggested me to join the Blog Catalog.Due to this Visits in creased to 80-90 visits per day.Also I joined the Mybloglog site and got my profile famous which has enabled me to have around 120-150 unique visits per day from around the globe.MOreover I have just joined the Twitter and this I tell you that has helped me to around 180-200 unique visits per day,without using the rotator sites,traffic exchanges.I should also mention that I have joined twitter around 2 weeks back and I already have accumulated 2500+ followers on my profile.You can verify that by clicking here.

So the trick as I have explained is to develop a famous profile on the social networking sites and get more exposure for your site and hence more better the page views and better is the page rank.Hope you will benefit from this blog.