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One simple reason why most people who have their followers on the decline as I have realized of my own experience is that we do have to realize that the people that we get as followers should be immediately reciprocated so that the relationship continues for a long time.Its not a joke but really damn serious issues with most blogger like me.

Although most bloggers at the start of their blogging time succeed and get more followers but its a proven thing with a self experience of mine that you lose them double time faster than the time they join and follow you.Its a give and take relationship for all the bloggers.

The most important thing to have with us is that we should have some sort of quality content on every post that we publish as we see our blog getting popular or else again the numbers starts to decline.Its a thing that is observed by me over a time of over 1 can see the post of famous bloggers like the problogger Darren Rowse Its nothing now rather than simple 4-5 liners of no help really.

The other thing to note really is that the as your content quality improves the visitors get through from search engine as well as you get your blog approved from good pay per post sites so that you can earn by writing sponsored reviews.

So in my next post I will again look at some special aspects which would give better results for everyone of us.