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I have been through many criticisms and bad comments and have realized later on that rejection is indeed you appreciation.I explain it to you that how is this possible.

1.Once if you have your own blog and have sufficient number of post,then you could refer to my previous post to get more unique traffic and more number of page views per visitor.

2.Now the users visiting your blog will read your fresh content mostly.Many of them actually give you a comment on your blog.

3.Now as I have seen it many a times even the famous bloggers delete the negative comments posted on their blog.This thing is actually not right if you consider from the learning perspective
4.From all the negative comments some of the comment actually help you to make desirable changes to your blog content and your template design.

5.Next time when you start writing a blog you will take of all the tips and suggestions given to you by the visitors to your blog and eventually the quality of your blog will drastically improve.

So from the above discussed points we conclude that Negative is always your positive and the rejection is your first step towards the success.

In my next blog I would try and discuss a new topic on blogging and blogging tips.