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Its a concern for every blogger that is it really possible to earn good amount of money through our blog or not.Is it possible to have a genuine legitimate income with your blog.

Firstly it should be clear that no matter how much time you spend on PTC or PTR sites and get your self burned out,the results of such actions will be very less,in fact I have seen many people get frustrated and stop blogging.this is so as earnings does not even reach ro about 4-5 $ a month and this is disheartening for most of us.

The first major source or the easiest way to earn some good money is to have advertisement on your blog.Google adsense is the leading giant all over the world while the others who are also good enough are Bidvertiser,Speedy ads,Adbrite, Kontera ads,Chitika and many more.You can try to get your account in atleast the names mentioned above and try out which one suits you better.

Secondly,we can look out for the advertising comapnies or pay for review sites to have majority of our income from blogging.Famous bloggers like John Chow and Darren Rowse(problogger) have earned money more through these methods.You can try some big sites like Pay per post ,Review Me,BuyBlogReviews,Smorty,Blogsvertise.I recommend Review Me and Blogsvertise to get atleast about 5-8 reviews a month for average amount of around 8$ per site review that you publish.Important things to note here is that the reviews that you write must be published on your blog.

In addition to the above two suggested methods which are the mostly tried and tested methods,you can also try out some affiliate programs and some links with Ebay to have good amount of income coming to you per month.

Above suggested methods can work only if you have your blog a bit famous and more unique visitors.The important thing is your content and then comes the page rank and the Alexa ranking for your blog.Somehow if you manage to get your blog in the top 100k of Alexa ranking,You will suddenly then can convert your blog or writing ability into cash that flow and will increase continuously.So for this try out the tips as I have suggested in my previous blogs.

Hope these things are of good use to all of you and I Will continue to post good content for all of my blogging friends.