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Many new bloggers give up blogging due to lack of blog readers and commenters.Why comments are useful?While most comments are containing the links,some people really do review your blog article through what they read.This helps to get the gist whether or not you are going on the right track.

Also it is a bloggers most wanted wish that his blog becomes famous as soon as possible so that he can really start some residual income or if possible substantial income.For all thsi first and the important thing is the more blog readers coming to his blog and commenting good ideas.For this you can follow these ways.

1.Choose a proper domain name to suit your forte.

Its damn important thing to do even before you start blogging.Firstly you should decide the area of interest in which you can start writing.This has been the case with me.I firstly decided to have a free download portal for all.But now I wanted to change the theme of blog articles and alas I can't change the domain
name.I might have started writing my new pots with a new blogger account but didn't wanted to go for it.So the matter of fact is that select the blof url very

2.One day one blog.

Once you have started blogging and got 10 posts on air then its time to follow this golden rule"one day one blog".This is extremely essential as more number
of pages you have indexed in search engines more you have the traffic.Also if you have even started to blog and have 1-3 blogs then also follow the rule.Now if you do not have fresh ideas then you can try reading out my blog on tips to write blogs even when you have no ideas.

3.Start commenting on other blogs.

This is a key method and the most tried and tested one to get the comments and readers to your blog.Plus if somebody can allow to have a backlink then all is
gold.Also try following all the blogs that visit.This also helps to a great extent.You can also try social bookmarking sites for this purpose.

4.Blog posts in a month should have atleast one PUNCH article.

A PUNCH style blog post is something that helps various readers to improve their blog.These type of blogs derive major traffic and also for prolonged time.