When it comes to blogging it is all about timing, creativity, productivity of content on your blog and proper organization to be successful.

Blogging world is already having new writers everyday and hence having same content in the same niche just rewritten is not a coincidence now.There is a hell lot of competition over the blogosphere and that makes the job that much more difficult for any writer to have an appealing article on his blog.

The subscribers that you have for your blog also tend to go away as they almost receive the same thing from different people and the net result is that you are on the losing side.In this wide spread spectrum of niche and articles,only that person who is smart and ready to do things with innovation can survive.The main thing to understand is that how you relate all the post to your blog's central idea.When the readers reads the same content in a different way altogether with better understanding makes the readers attract to the blog more and more as the reader knows that the writer has some great potential to serve the content in a manner in which he can make anyone understand very easily.

Doing research on any topic before writing it down always helps any writer.Deep understanding about the topic makes the content more meaningful and presentable to the readers.Clear expression of thought makes that post stands out from the rest.Do not try and make readers search for the words or sentence explanation and scratch their heads for things that they cannot understand.This requires proper presentation and not creating just an abstract of a content.Helping readers understand each things clearly will make them come again and again to your blog.

Thus by serving your content fresh and hot with some different spice always helps to change the taste of the readers. They might even appreciate your writing style and you will in turn benefit with time.