As a reader people always like to read things which are new to them and of course things which they can easily understand and interpret.The blogosphere is having thousands of writers joining it everyday and hence being able to produce a unique content is very difficult nowadays. Things are not the same now and similar content in each category and niche is being produced in huge numbers everyday.

People subscribe to one blog because they liked the unique content and expression on that blog.But if that uniqueness does not remain and the reader is getting same content from 10 different places then he has choose the best and leave 10 others.

Above explained scenario is the most prominent reason why more and more people nowadays are unsubscribing from even professional blogger sites as they are getting bombarded with almost the same content from everywhere. There has to be a way to to control this or most good bloggers will also loose their popularity soon.

One also has to think that how much difficult a writer's job has become.He has to produce an excellent quality content almost every time to keep readers on his blog intact.If you have any comments as to how one would solve this issue then please feel free to discuss in the comments section.