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Pokemon Silver/Gold Walkthrough

This walkthrough is for GBC pokemon silver/ gold game.The walkthrough is as follows:

A.New Bark town
The story unfolds with you playing as the little boy.Collect the pokegear and head outside for Prof Elm lab.Choose from the 3 options Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Totodile.I suggest you choose Cyndaquil if you want some real competition in the game at the start up.Cyndaquil fairs quite well for initial leveling up thing in front of bug as well as bird Pokemons but it will only be vulnerable against the first gym leader but then its the most excellent type to raise for the rest of the game against the remaining 7 gym leaders and the elite 4 and champion.Anyways you can choose anyone and it is how you raise them to win the game.Collect the potion from Prof's aide and lookout for Mr. Pokemon.

B.Cherrygrove City.
Proceed through west from New Bark town and move through West of Route 29 to reach Cherrygrove city.Be sure to heal your Pokemon if your Hp is low in the Pokemon centre.Check out the old man for Map Card for your Poke gear.Now head north on route 30 for Mr. Pokemon's house by taking right path from split.Do take the berries that you get on the way to help yourself.Now head north to reach Mr. Pokemon's house to collect the pokedex from Prof Oak.Now return back to new bark town with some levelling up of your sole Pokemon.When you visit Elm's lab you will find out that a Red haired guy stole the Pokemon from Elm's lab.Anyways collect 5 pokeballs and continue your journey to route 30.Remember to purchase some pokeballs from Cherrygrove town and try catching a Geodude to help yourself for battle against the gym battle where you have to fight with the leader with all Bird type pokemon.Instead you can stop by to trade Bellsprout for Onix in Violet town.

C. Violet Town
Here head south towards the building and trade Bellsprout for onix if you do not have Geodude yet. I suggest you head north now to sprout tower and level up your pokemons( but not geodude or onix) particularly if you have Cyndaquil.Defeat Li to get Hm05 flash.Now head over to violet city for Gym batlle.I would suggest that you have at least 2 pokemons at level 12-14 atleast to beat the gym leader Falkner fairly easily.After defeating the Leader you get Zephyr Badge and Tm31 Mud slap.Now Elm calls you up to to his lab.Go there and collect the Egg from his Aide.Now move to Route 32 and through Union cave.Be sure to have miracle seed to boost grass type move.Union cave has rock type pokemons so defeat them easily with your grass type pokemons and go to route 33 to Battle Anthony.Defeating him will give access to his number and notification on Dunsparce swarms.Now head west to Azalea town.

D.Azalea town
First meet Kurt and go to defeat the team rocket inside the well.You will see them selling slowpoke tails.Defeat them and come back to heal at the pokemon centre and head to the Azalea gym.This is All bug type gym so if you have fire type and bird type pokemons with you, this is a walk in the park.Defeat the gym leader Bugsy to collect Hive badge to enable your pokemons use Hm01 cut( you get this at Ilex forest) outside the battle and also you get Tm 49 fury cutter.Proceed to Ilex forest.

E.Ilex forest
Here collect Hm01 Cut from trainer after his farfetched is returned back to him.From here now proceed to north west inside the building to recieve Tm 12 sweet scent from the lady.Leave from the north exit towards route 34.Here battle through the trainers to level up and you might want to catch Ditto or Drowsy.ignore the day care unless you really want them to raise one for you and move towards the Goldenrod city through north.

F. Goldenrod city
head north and visit bike shop to visist the free bike.Now head to the radio tower abd speak to the women at the counter to get a free Radio card.Now purchase the Tms and other things that you want and head over to the Goldenrod gym, specialised in normal type pokemons.Use fighting type pokemons to have the edge.If you have Geodude or onix or machop with you fairly lvelled up then you can have easy go at this gym gain.Defeat Whitney, the leader to get the Plain badge and Tm 45 attract.Head north and pass through gate house.Continue on route 35 and reach national park.Here collect quick claw and Tm28 dig.Now head east through route 35 and route 36 to reach Ecruteak city.

G.Ecruteak city
First battle the kimono girls and defeat them to get the Hm05 surf.After that refill health of your pokemon at the poke centre and head to burned tower to battle your rival.After defeating him (you should as it is still easy) head over to the hole to encounter raikou, Entei nad Suicune.They run away and you encounter them randomly in the grass pateches in Johto.After this haed over to the gym to defeat Marty who has all ghost type pokemon.Use either rock type or psychic type to win easily here.After defeating Marty you will get Fog badge to enable use of surf(hm05) outside battle.Now head to Olivine city through route 38 and 39.

H.Olivine city
You rival is here again.this guy doesn't battle but informs that Gym leader is in lighthouse.move up the lighthouse through various tough battlers to reach find out that her pokemon is not well and you have to go to Cianwood island to get the medicine for him.Head over to cianwood Island.

I.Cianwood island
Here you have a gym battle with Chuck, master of fighting type pokemons.Use bird type pokemons or the Psychic ones to easily win this gym leader battle.Get the Storm badge and her wife outside gives you Hm02 fly that you can use to fly to any place you would have visited earlier.Now purchase the medicine from the shop in the south and head over again to Olivine City.

J.Olivine city
Move in the lighthouse and give the medicine to jasmine's pokemon and it gets better and she is ready to battle you.She uses steel type pokemons.So use ground type moves like earthquake to win over easily.Use water type moves against steelix to counter it easily.Then you get the mineral badge along with Tm23 Iron tail.Now flyback to Ecruteak city to reach Mahogany town.

K.Mahogany town
here reluctantly you have to visit the lake of rage to defeat Red gyrados.After you do you get red scale and then speak to Lance, the champion that you are going to face later in the game to learn about Team rocket's menace again.Follow Lance to Mahogany town and defeat Team rocket HQ to get Hm06 whirlpool from Lance.Now move to the gym and you find that the Gym leader is master of Ice type pokemon.Use fire type and electric type pokemons to have the edge.After defeating him you get Glacier badge with Tm16 Icy wind.Now Elm calls you up and tells you about the problems in the radio tower of Goldenrod town.Fly to reach there and go towards the Radio tower and defeat the impostor to get the key.Now move to the underground entrance and defeat the team rocket their to release the chief.Now after the mess head to the Ice path from route 44 through Mahogany town's east.

L.Ice Path
Here collect the Hm07 waterfall and move over to the town of Blackthorn.

M.Blackthorn city
you can make some of your pokemon forget the HM moves that you do not want them to have in the south of the town.Now head over to the gym which is specialised in Dragon type pokemons.Gym leader Clair is the lone competition and fairly tough to defeat.if you do not have proper lvelled up pokemons here then you are in real trouble as she is no walkover like others.Defeat her to learn about dragon fang that she wants you to get before she gives you the final badge.Bring back dragon fang from the Dragons den to receive rising badge and all pokemons obey you now and also get Tm24 dragonbreath. Fly back now to New bark town to get the Master ball from Elm. This will catch anyone without fail.Also try using it for extremely rare pokemon before you go to victory road for the final battle.

N.Victory Road
Head east from New bark town and use surf to get to the victory are the battles that will test you if you are not well prepared you can squeak a bit here.Also levelling up here will help you on the final 5 tough battles that await you.Cross the victory road to reach indigo plateau.
O.Indigo plateau.Here your rival will battle with his 5 tough pokemons but you should be able to defeat him fairly easily if you have all type pokemons with you.Defeat him and heal your pokemons and purchase some items before going in as the battlers you are going to face now will surely test your knowledge about type battles and test your abilities to the fore.You have to defeat all four to get to the champion( a bit harsh) and you cannot heal yourself at the poke centre.Anyways you can use the healing potions as I advised you and move towards the chamion lance, The dragon Master.His pokmons are L44 gyrados,two Lv47 dragonite,Lv 46 charizard(my favorite and not available in thsi game for anyone to raise), Lv 46 Aerodactyl and a Lv 50 Dragonite.Use all your skills that you have learned through out the game to win this fight as it is very intense.My advice is to have 2-3 rock type pokemons to tackle these dragons and win over eventually.

P. Game over----No
After defeating the champion if you think game is over then can move ahead and fill your pokedex and collect more 8 badges from the new Cities that you encounter once you restart the game after saving.So enjoy the adventures and fill your pokedex to become the ultimate trainer.