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This is the third installment in the series.I hope you would have taken advantage of the ideas expressed in the Part 1 and Part 2 of this series already.

13. Offline Promotion
Talk to friends, family and coworkers about them… you’d be surprised how much the traditional way of “networking” really does work.

14. Search Engine Optimization
Properly optimizing my blog has been a big boost to my readership. Once I figured out how to play around with SEO I started getting a regular 25-35% of my hits from Google.

15. Quality Content
This is already stressed by me many a times and is the word of almost all the bloggers.Posting only quality content.. obviously! Better posts are discussed more, increasing both the number of comments and references in other blogs.

16. Blog Carnivals
submitting posts to Blog Carnivals also generates traffic.Strange Isn't it?

17. Memes
Yeah, a meme. Bloggers want to know about bloggers, not just the business aspect of it but the *person* writing the blog. Reading a quick list of “getting to know me” type tidbits gives me instant inside information on whether or not I will become a regular visitor. Some participants have used it solely to gain business, but frankly I think that turns people away. People are interested in people first, and what they do second. It works.

18. Frequent Posting
I also try to post frequently. I find that the more I post, the more readers I have. The less comments, but the more readers.

I hope you would have got the central idea about what is important to attract readers.In my next post I will rap up the series and give final 5 tips to have readers coming to your blog so wait and enjoy.