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If you really want more readers and subscribers to your blog everyday then Digg and Stumbleupon are the way to go.Following are the important tips that most professional bloggers follow to have their content on the front page of Digg and stumbleupon.

1.Your Flair is important
Everyday many new topics rise up the pyramid to be on the front page of Digg and StumbleUpon.The competition you can say is quite fierce to have your content on the top.Mostly the articles having informative content like"how to be a" blah blah blah or any important new related to business blogging or Internet catches the attention of the readers.So use your writing style and flair wisely to come up with the appropriate topic and content.

2.Choose your category
Since the recent change in these sites, the categories and topics have broadened over here and hence there is a wide range of topics to choose from for your published article.The liking for any specific category changes over a period of time but still Technology ,Internet , Business Blogging are the hot topics over the entire year.

3.Start Digging yourself first
A strong tip to be successful in these sites is to first satrt republishing and likng others content.Follow other writers and share theri content for sometime and build your friends and foloowers over the site.After this you will automatically see more and more republishing of your own content.Try to give more and expect less,then only you can move further.

4.Install widgets and Buttons for easy sharing
One thing that sometimes bloggers ignore is that they often do not include the Digg and Stumbleupon buttons for automatic sharing of your content on the site.This maybe due loading of the page takes a bit longer due to these buttons but still its worthwhile having them.

5.Quality content is desired
You should always try and publish articles which you think are the best and readers will appreciate your work.Try writing one or two of them at least once a week and then publish them over Digg and StumbleUpon and you will find out that more and more people are liking your blog and pots.Its always better to have good content advertised rather losing readers because of mediocre content.This is what the professional bloggers practice and hence are successful than others.

I have some strong gut feeling that I will have my articles in the front page of these site soon.What do you think?