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A large survey of good sites and reading their content is sometimes so much essential when you do not have much to write for your own.Buzzing through the topics and closely observing key points mentioned in the posts you can derive several ideas which can be converted into a series of posts.The organised fashion of writing and maintaining the blog is what separates the best from the other rookies.

The following four C's are so crucial that if you have all of them then your blogging success is almost certain i n the near future.These 4 C's are:


Success always depends on some crucial factors and for any blogger to succeed in the blogosphere, the content is the most important element.You can refer to my post on how to create good content for more details.What people write from their heart is most liked by people all round the world and not scraps being written only for money.Content with good expression and presentation still rules.I was not a good writer right since my school days but slowly over the past 15 months I have improved a lot in my writing skills and grammar but their is still a lot of improvement to be done so that my posts are just great for anyone to read.I guess that a successful writer is always capable of holding people through his way of writing style and use of words.Now you would surely understand how important good content is for any blog.

By consistency I want to say that you have to consistent in your posting.A good blog blooms better over a period of time only when a writer has put in the hard work to update his blog every day.Its not a compulsion that you have to churn out many posts every day and this will never happen also.You have to decide what re you comfortable with and accordingly pace yourself to be consistent.Remember that Search engines also like to index those blogs which are updated every day.


Social networking is the order of the year for 2010 and will be the same for 2011 unless something new appears to be more appealing to the readers and b;loggers.Try raising your voice and your blog through these community sites and I ma sure that even those sites which were not able to generate readers for 10-12 even after having good amount of content on their blog have started generating good traffic through by the use of Technorati, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumble Upon and many other such sites.

Also important thing to consider is that link building should also be performed by bloggers to earn good page rank and Search Engine Optimization for their sites.Many bloggers initially miss the trick by going only for content on their blog and later on suffer for lack of back links to their sites and hence their page rank is lower although they have good enough alexa web rank.


Its always give and then take relationship in blogging.Even if you have to give out more than what you take ,it should not matter for you as long as you enjoy it.I have seen good bloggers always going to the site not known much and still reading their ideas and commenting on their posts to improve their writing style.So it has to be understood that you should once again start commenting on any blog that you like and not just not on the popular ones.I think keeping these strong commenting habits will surely help to give you long term profit.

I guess these were by far the broad factors on which success of any blog depends.There might be more that one would like to say so do not hesitate and try to shell out some precious words of yours.