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The blogging sphere is growing day by day and there are millions of new bloggers joining every week.The new dynamic way of making money online has made people give focus to this medium of money making.But all good things come with some drawbacks.

The blogging habit can sometimes be hazardous to health.Surprised? maybe not.This post is mainly to discuss the effects of blogging on our health.So read through and learn how to live happier and healthier while blogging.

Some may think that it is actually not.If somebody is blogging only for half an hour or an hour then maybe the case is not so serious but who does this professionally for long hours and till late night hours has adverse effects on the health. Following are the few effects on the health due to long hours devoted to blogging.

1.Eye strain
Long hours spent in front of the computer can cause irritation and sore eyes consistently and also can make you wear spectacles and lenses.The eyesight depletion has been a major issue for professional bloggers.

2.Muscular pain
Prolonged muscular pain in the neck, shoulder and back strain has been common problems for people who sit in front of the computer for long hours.

3.Disturbed life cycle
Working for long hours till late night and not able to sleep for long hours in the night causes extreme disaster for your body.Frequent headaches are a common issue for people.

If you feel that you are also affected by these symptoms then maybe you can follow below mentioned ways to stay healthier.

1.Do not concentrate too much!
It is always advised that you should not concentrate too much on the computer screen for too long and should take some time in looking at other places and not on computer continuously.You should also blink faster while looking on the screen.

2.Stretch yourself
In between stand up and stretch yourself.While working for long hours always try this to avoid neck and shoulder pain.Also it gives your fingers the required amount of rest after working continuously for long hours.

3.Avoid too much of caffeine
When you work for long hours you do take tea or coffee multiple times to stay awake and have good concentration at work.But excess sugar will not do good for and may result in sugar imbalance of your body.

4.Sleeping is essential
You should try to make yourself healthier by sleeping at least 7 hours in the night and going to bed by 11-12'0 clock in the night and not much later.This will enable you to have a better body cycle and good health.

As a young guy I always prefer to sleep by 11'0 clock in the night and have a good 8 hour sleep.Above things are very much the things that everyone should follow to be healthy.Happy blogging.