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Some good comments on blog posts sometimes helps even the other readers to learn a lot of things to improve themselves.I ran into chain of comments reacting to the topic of how to attract more blog readers.This post certainly describes their point of views in having done everything to keep new readers to come to their blog.

1. Comment on Related Blogs
Commenting on related blogs is probably the most effective strategy early on in the process and responding to comments when people leave them on your blog (this encourages them to keep coming back).I visit other blogs in my niche, add them to my feed and participate in the discussion on their blogs via the comments. Writing interesting comments often gets people to click through to see your site.

2. Join Forums
I’ve found that one very quick way to infuse readers to a new blog is to be active in discussion forums related to your blog topic. Locate posts that ask for help with something you are familiar with and share your experience.

3.Write Effective Post Titles
Simple and to the point. The title should create an instant urge to read the entire post… But of course it should be related to the topic of your blog.

4. Interviews
One example being to interview fellow bloggers who are in the same niche as me. This has gone down well, and has been great for both myself and the interviewee as traffic flows between us.

5. Persist
Persistence is key. After starting up a new blog last month and letting go of another this month, I notice that traffic (quality traffic) doesn't happen over night. On my last site, I think it took 6 months before found me.

6.Connect with Local Bloggers
The other thing I have been doing just recently is connecting up with other bloggers in my city and the neighboring towns. We've got something of a link exchange going and a nice side-effect to this is that I/we have discovered that there are quite a few more bloggers and/or website authors in the area than ever expected.

In my nest post I will reveal the other new methods that would be useful in 2011 for you all to attract new readers to your blog.