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A common pattern is seen over the Internet by me that those bloggers who start churning out some good money look to transfer their blog from free domain to their own.Something that all of you who are thinking to move away from free or the original domain should keep in mind the fact that though your current blog may not offer you the entire features that you want to be displayed on your blog but still it is the place where people till now have com to read your content.

Also by changing the domain you will end up losing the pagerank as well as the web ranking for the blog that you originally had it for your blog.Its then again a hard work to get the blog up and running again and getting good traffic to your site.Most of the times , the change of domain name usually backfires and spoils all your hard work.

So what are you going to do if such thing occurs with you and you lose all your search engine stats.To avoid such a dreadful state you may follow following steps:

1.Stick to your own domain

If you believe me I would seriously advise you to stick with what you are right now.Many big bloggers have understood this fact and sticking to free domain with which they have started like blogger,wordpress or typepad.If you still do not feel like having a free domain then you can purchase a domain with same name or redirect that your original blog.Its as simple as it is.

2.Follow the 301 redirection address to every page from your new blog

This is a good method that allows even the Google bot to track your pages with the 301 redirection address.Although a week delay occurs but the crawling of your pages and their indexing takes place and you might end up having all the pages indexed in about three months.

Hope you would have liked the suggestion here.Any new tips are eagerly awaited.


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    I take my hat off to the author of this article. Well done.