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First let me congratulate everyone who feels like blogging and speaking out their views through a blog.Hey everyone wants readers to come and read their content so that some useful comment can really help them out in improving their writing style.People are so much engrossed in just writing posts that they sometimes forget what they would do once they get exhausted or if they do not get what they want in the set amount of time.Its just not writing about writing 20 -30 posts a day and then getting exhausted the entire upcoming week.Its essentially important for them who are not the full time bloggers and spend few essential hours from their rest time.

So I wanna ask you all that what is your goal?How much do you think you can write everyday so that you are very regular at updating your blog with the posts and good quality content and not just the bull shit of hi and hello and putting a good quote to impress people around.

A good friend of mine said that maybe I should try and write atleast 3 blog posts a day .Whoa boy that means atleast 100 posts in annually.That would eventually make a good content based site.But has he thought that how much research on the Internet everyone has to make to get a single good quality post on the blog.If you say three for example then your thought process also gets tested only in the second one that you are going to write and making it better than the previous one with exclusive content is something that is tough and everyone would agree.So I would recommend that set a goal for yourself and try to follow that without putting too much pressure on yourself.The better you can write is the thing that everyone might read instead of just posting bull shit on your site.

I am currently starting after my break because of university exams and tight practical schedules. But finally i have set my goal of atleast one and maximum 2 posts per day.That i my aptitude and I know if stress more things will only get worse.So set yourself and commit to only what you can achieve.The goal has to be something that you can achieve and also keeps you motivating every time you hit the screen.Your only one good blog post is equivalent to 20 bull shits written even by good bloggers. I wish you all good luck on your blogging time.Cheers!